Ashgrove Soaps began with a trip to one of our favorite places – Colonial Williamsburg. While my daughter and I were there, we found a booklet on how to make milk soaps. The question was “Do you want to give this a try?”  The response was “Yes”.

By the time we left Williamsburg, we were busy choosing our first soap to make – Lemon Honey Milk Soap – and mulling over what would be our company name. Keeping with our interest re-enacting from the Colonial period, our first show in October 2009 was at the Depreciation Lands Museum in Hampton, PA. Dressed in Colonial costume, we were “on our soap box” helping folks learn about the benefits of handcrafted soaps. It was exciting to see the energetic response of our customers and sales were brisk – warm memories of the start of Ashgrove Soaps.

October 2009

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