Customer Comments:

Your soap is long-lasting. Mine was in my bathroom for a year! – Cathy

I purchased the 12 Days of Christmas Natural Beeswax Ornaments set and combined it with the 6″ Nativity Circle for my Christmas Tree. It is so beautiful.And I so appreciate your excellent customer service.

You soaps are so easy on my hands! After I use them, my hands are clean and soft – just as if I had put on lotion! – Dawn

Could we order a gift basket for the Dr in our office? She loves all things natural and it is the perfect gift for her. – Rose

I look for you at some of the shows you have listed on your events page. Always glad to stop by and pick up more! – A Satisfied Customer

The Vanilla is my favorite! – Dan

My customers love your unscented goat’s milk, and pumpkin soaps. – Jeanie Anderson

Thanks for the special order bridal soaps favors. I appreciate your attention to detail. – Nancy B

Your soap is the only kind I will use! – Nancy M

My father can not get over how wonderful the Tranquility Soap smells – he loved it because it was a specialty bar of Buffalo Butter soap. – Sarah A

Thank you for providing Wiley House Reenacting Supplies with your soaps. When I am blacksmithing, the soap conditions my hands and has great bubbles. We love the service you provide when we want a special type of soap for our company. Our customers really like your products. Our favorites are Buffalo Butter ~ Sweet Bay and Pumpkin BAker’s Bar. Sometimes I forget my shampoo when traveling for our festival events. I use your soap and my hair looks great! – Mark and Jen/ Wiley House

So glad our vendor booths tents have been beside each other all these past years. We love your soaps! – Deb and Greg

Thank you for making a special batch of 100% Organic Olive Oil soaps for me. Love, Mom

My baby loves your soaps. Happy baby, happy mom!! – Jen

Your 100% Olive Oil Castile Soap, I love, love, love it! – Pat P

Thank for participating joining our Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser. We donate the $ to the medical center in Kittanning, PA for patients out of pocket expenses related to medical care. The Ribbon Awareness soap you made is wonderful. – Linda and Mallory

Thank you for the donation form Ashgrove Soap to the patient care fun. – Dr. Dianne BuchBarker

Ashgrove Soaps does not make any medical claims regarding the use of our soaps.

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