# 1 – What’z Up? New Soaps!




What’z Up? New Soaps!

The booth and photos speak for themselves about the amazing collection of our soaps. To keep our sanity partially intact, not all soap selections are listed on AshgroveSoaps. Customers ask for their favorites and we have the solution with “What’z Up? New Soaps! ” selections.  At our standard price of 6.00 per bar, this is a list of some of the additional soaps* we create during the year. Contact us via email – ashgrovesoaps@gmail.com as the availability of these soaps fluctuates.

There are two options to purchase What’z Up? New Soaps!
1) Take a wild ride and order a “surprise me” selection. You might write a note to say “I love…” or “I really dislike…” to give us clues about your preferences.
2) Email and ask what is available. When you have chosen your selections, add a note to the check-out page to let us know what you are ordering. We will do our best to make your soap dreams come true.*

Allegheny Mountain Soap
Alpine Wilderness Soap
Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap
Blueberry Soap
Bonfire Bliss Soap
Butterfly Garden
Cherry Almond Soap
Clove Soap
Green Apple with Goat’s Milk Soap
Hippie (Patchouli) Soap
Mermaid Splash Soap
Pearberry with Goat’s Milk Soap
Starlight Soap (lightly scented)

Steel City Charcoal Soap
The Perfect Man Soap
The Perfect Woman Soap
Time Traveler
Tropical Mango

* These soaps do not apply to our FREE SOAP policy. 
** For a full list of what is currently available, email Lori: AshgroveSoaps@gmail.com
*** On Ashgrove Soaps there is a fraction of what is available. Why? We are a small business and handmake our products. Soap and most of our additional handcrafted products require 8 weeks from start to market. 

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