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Most of this series of workshops will be at Clinton Presbyterian Church located at the Intersection of Rt 228 East / Sandy Hill Rd Saxonburg, PA 16056
Register through / 724 352 3220 (no text) / Payment by credit card or contact Lori to mail a check.

** For every workshop or class session – Wear old clothes, bring a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, closed-toe shoes and tie your hair back. We provide all equipment including goggles and gloves. Bring two large brown paper grocery bags or a 16 x 16 x 16 box with 4 old bath towels to take your soaps home. If you prefer your own goggles and gloves, bring them. Bring a brown bag lunch with a drink and/or a snack. Students must be age 18 or older.

Weather or Not
Inclement weather dates are always the following weekend. Reserve the date on your calendar. Although we have never had to change a workshop date because of weather, we like to be prepared.

Payment for class confirms registration. Credit card payment is on SHOP page. If you would like assistance completing the online registration, do not hesitate to call Lori

Upcoming Workshops

The workshops for Jan 13 and 14 were canceled because of the weather. They are rescheduled for Jan 20 and 21.

Jan 20 – Intro to Soapmaking 102 and Soapmaking with Goat’s Milk Herbs and Botanicals – 10:00 – 4:00 Two Opening

Jan 21 – Intro to Soapmaking 102 and Soapmaking with Color Swirls and Texture – 1:00 – 6:00 Several Openings

Email at for more information or to register.~~Learn how to make soap to treat your skin with TLC Check out where we will be and what classes we are doing – Ashgrove


A: January 13th Workshop – January 2p – Saturday – 2 openings 
Introduction to Cold Processed Soapmaking AND
Cold Processed Soapmaking with Goat’s Milk, Herbs, and Botanicals
(More information on the “Shop” page.)

B: January 14th Workshop – January 21 Sunday – Openings
Cold Process Soapmaking 102 and 202
Introduction to Cold Processed Soapmaking AND
Cold Processed Soapmaking with Color, Swirling, and Top Texture
(More information on “Shop” page.)

C: February 10, 2018 – Saturday – Cold Processed Soapmaking 102 and 201
1st session: Workshop 102 – Introduction to Cold Processed Soapmaking
2nd session: Workshop 201- Cold Processed Soapmaking with Goat’s Milk Herbs and Botanicals.
(More information on “Shop” page.)
 **If you have taken a workshop in the past and wish to join the second session, email Lori:

D: February 11, 2018 – Sunday – Soapmaking Studio Workshop with Embeds
1:00 – (approx.) 5:00 pm
Soapmaking Studio Workshop with Extras–  Come and enjoy making skin loving soap. This is the perfect workshop to gain confidence with soapmaking without purchasing all of the equipment and ingredients. A short refresher cold processed soap education session included in the workshop. Also, the workshop will have a session about how to make embeds and calculate soap recipes/formulas for unusual shaped decorative molds. 
Prerequisite: Ashgrove Workshop 101/102.

E: February 24, 2018 – Saturday – Cold Process Soapmaking 102 and 202
All Day: 10:00 am to (approx.) 4:00pm
1st session: Workshop 102 – Introduction to Cold Processed Soapmaking
2nd session: Workshop 202- Cold Processed Soapmaking with Color Swirls and Textured Tops. Prerequisite: Ashgrove Workshop 101/102.
**If you have taken a workshop in the past and wish to join the second session, email Lori:

F: February 25, 2018  – Sunday – * New Workshop * Cold Processed Soap with Beer/Wine.
1:00 – 5:00 pm
Explore the world of making cold processed soap with Beer/Wine. Learn the secrets of making this specialty soap and how to avoid soap gremlins from destroying your beautiful bars. Prerequisite: Ashgrove Workshop 101/102. This is an intermediate level workshop.

G: March 24, 2018 – Saturday – *New Workshop* “Capture Creative Designs with Natural Colorants in Cold Processed Soaps” Are you in Eastern PA? Lori will be a special guest speaker on March 24, 2018 for Candle and Supplies in Quakertown, PA. Register with: This workshop is coming to Pittsburgh as an intensive workshop in August or October 2018 – keep watch at

Z: Personalized Workshop for You and Your Friends. Would you like a workshop that fits your time schedule and is FREE?*
Contact Lori for a date that is open for both of you.  You provide the location and snacks. Gather a group of 11 registrations for the workshop, and your workshop is free. Lori will bring everything for a fun filled creative adventure. Dates fill up fast and spring/fall tend to be busy for Ashgrove Soaps. If the workshop is a long distance, travel expenses may apply.
 *Contact Lori for details about location requirements.

Workshop Location
Clinton Presbyterian Church
197 Glade Mill Rd
Saxonburg, PA 16056
Register at, email Lori Chandler –,or call 724 352 3220
Most workshops are at this location. Check details for each workshop.

Email if you would like to receive our newsletter with notifications for upcoming events.

Cancellation Policy – All workshops require payment upon registration. Materials for workshops are prepared a week in advance. For cancellation, email or call up to 7 days before the event for a refund or to apply registration fees towards a future workshop.


Capture Creative Swirls Using Natural Colorants

Presented by Lori Chandler

Swirling techniques for cold processed soaps are a challenge when incorporating natural colorants in the design. This demonstration session shows how to select oils, choose colorants, and implement techniques to assure soaping success. See how easy beautiful bold natural designs can be!

This presentation is restricted for viewing to attendees of the 2017 Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild Conference.

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