Soap & Cosmetic Labeling 3rd ed. – Marie Gale


So you just developed an awesome soap or cosmetic product. You gave it out to friends and family who raved about it and urged you to put it on the market. You checked on what that would take and that’s when you hit the wall of rules and regulations. Thud!

Does that mean you’ve hit a dead end? Absolutely not!

In Soap & Cosmetic Labeling, author Marie Gale clearly explains the different rules and regulations that apply to labeling soaps and cosmetics and other related products. As she says, “getting the labeling right isn’t very complicated… but it is very detailed.”

This book explains, in plain English, how to follow product labeling rules and regulations from:

  • Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act
  • Fair Packaging and Labeling Act
  • Uniform Weights & Measures Law
  • Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulations
  • State Laws
  • … and more!

The 3rd edition has been updated to include more images, diagrams and examples, more explanations – particularly for true soap – and more background on the actual laws and regulations and how they came into being. In all, the 3rd edition contains 38 more content pages.

Whether you’re an old hand or a newcomer to the business of soap and cosmetics, you’ll find the information presented here clear and easy to understand, and Soap & Cosmetic Labeling an excellent guide through the maze of labeling regulations.



Whether you make soap for yourself, family, friends, or customers, know how to label your soaps and cosmetics to avoid unfortunate entanglements and circumstances.  We now offer the book during our classes and through purchase online.

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